Code of Ethics


The Tri-County Funeral Directors Association, Inc. Code of Ethics is designed to address the obligations of the funeral professional in five key areas:

  • Obligations to the family
  • Obligations for the care of the decedent
  • Obligations to the public
  • Obligations to the government
  • Obligations to the Tri-County Funeral Directors Association, Inc.

Each area begins with an Ethical Principle that sets forth the goals and ideals of the profession. The Ethical Principle is followed by the applicable sections of the Code of Ethics which lists specific types of conduct that is either required or prohibited.

The Tri-County Funeral Directors Association, Inc., Code of Ethics is binding upon Tri-County FDA, Inc. members and violations may subject the member to disciplinary action in accordance with the Tri-County FDA, Inc. Enforcement Procedures.

It is the duty of every Tri-County FDA, Inc. firm, individual, and resident member to know and strictly adhere to the requirements of the Code of Ethics. The members of the Tri-County FDA, Inc. agree to abide by the Code of Ethics.

This Code of Ethics and associated Enforcement Procedures is intended to establish goals for members of Tri-County FDA, Inc. and does not create any enforceable standards for such members with respect to third party.

No person or entity, other than Tri-County FDA, Inc., acquires any rights or benefits with respect to this Code of Ethics, and no legal or other liability results from this Code of Ethics except between the member and Tri-County FDA, Inc. .

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